Hunt: Showdown Shows The First of Desolation’s Wake New Guns

Hunt: Showdown has revealed to us one of the new weapons to come out in Desolation’s Wake, and it resembles a Marlin, it is titled the Mako 1985 Carbine

Hunt Showdown Shows The First Of Desolations Wake New Guns

Hunt Showdown Shows The First Of Desolations Wake New Guns

Hunt: Showdown has released a tease of the first new gun with Desolation’s Wake. It is titled the Mako 1895 Carbine and resembles a Marlin of the same year. According to their tweet, it states this gun will be the first lever-action that uses long ammo. They also clarify that the Levering Trait will work with it. There has also been a Claw Variant teased, and we will examine that as well.

Hunt: Showdown’s Mako vs The Marlin

The resemblance of the Mako to the Marlin 1894 is undeniable. It is truly an iconic firearm. I had first mistaken the Mako as a Winchester Model 1894 (which is similar enough in my defense), however, the name Mako being a play on Marlin is too confirming.

The Vintage Marlin at auction, which Hunt: Showdown's new gun resembles.
A Vintage Marlin from 1897 (estimated). Image taken from
A modern ruger-made marlin reissue
The Ruger-made reissue of the Marlin. Image taken from

The Hunt team has done a fantastic job capturing the aesthetic of the iconic firearm. I’m sure hoping it will come with a hefty Hunt Dollar price tag.

Speculation of Hunt: Showdown – Desolation’s Wake

We still do not know a lot about Desolation’s Wake, and we are trying to piece together details. A piece of the puzzle that could allude to this gun being part of the engine update comes from the gun itself. Let’s take a look at a section from the Wikipedia on the Marlin 1894:

The Model 1894 and its successors found particular favor in Canada, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, where precipitation combined with cold temperatures sometimes caused top-eject designs to freeze solid. During the Klondike Gold Rush, the solid-top Marlin design was preferred by many prospectors facing subzero temperatures and dangerous animals, since the solid top frame was better at keeping freezing rain, snow and dirt out of the operating parts of the action.


The new map/biome expected to come with the engine upgrade is expected to be snow. Could the firearm’s northern history, coupled with the new Mountie Skin, be clues? I think expecting a northern map, with snow is not unbelievable at this point. Additionally, I think we can expect Desolation’s Wake to roll out with the engine upgrade.

Mako Carbine Claw

Hunt Showdown's Mako Carbine Claw Variant
Hunt Showdown Shows The First Of Desolations Wake Mako Carbine Claw

Additionally to announcing the new gun, they announced a preview of its first variant several days later. The Mako 1895 Carbine Claw was announced via Twitter with the following flavor text:

The Mako Carbine is already a fearsome long-range firearm, but as with many weapons, once it fell into the hands of Hunters, a few of them were affixed with a curved blade to the stock for closer encounters, creating something even deadlier.

Speculation as to how this variant will operate immediately began via Reddit. Some believe its melee capacity will include both a blunt buttstock attack and a piercing attack. This would add extreme versatility to the weapon, giving it high function against AI in close range and having excellent long-range capabilities. With levering as well, it could also close down a good mid-range shootout.

A Preview Of It In Action

As an update, the Hunt twitter released a preview video of the new firearms and they both look and sound great.

This video shows both the newly announced firearms in action. It even has revealed an Aperature variant previously unknown for the Mako 1895 Carbine.

Hunt: Showdown Official Tweet

Hunt: Showdown announced the tease of the new firearm via their official Twitter. Here is the original post a majority of this information came.

Always Divided with Hunt: Showdown on Reddit

As always, there is a discussion active about the announcement of the new gun on Reddit. And, as always, thoughts are divided on it. Although very few seem upset by its (in my opinion stunning appearance) some seem concerned about a levering long ammo gun.

New Rifle Revealed! Mako 1895
byu/TheGentlemanGamerEC inHuntShowdown

More Information On Desolation’s Wake

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