All the New Legendary Hunters in Hunt: Showdown 1.16

Hunt: Showdown is home to a great many Legendary hunters. Desolation’s Wake (and 1.16) brings a slew of new legends for you to unlock.

All The New Legendary Hunters In Hunt Showdown 1.16

All The New Legendary Hunters In Hunt Showdown 1.16

Bile & Brood the Corvid Hunters, The Centipede, The Statesman, The Redneck’s Daughter, Hex Breaker, and the new Union Suits: These are the new legendary hunters in Hunt: Showdown’s murky water. In this article, we will be looking at the newest hunters, their cost, and their lore.

Hunt: Showdown’s Newest Legends

All the lore from these Hunters comes from Hunt: Showdown’s official site or was extracted from the in-game menus.

The Corvid Hunters

Maxwell Creed and Emma Davies are The Corvid Hunters. Better known as Bile & Brood, these mad hunters are chasing the origin of the corruption with their experiments. They both share the same Plague Doctor aesthetic and come in a packaged deal. They are purchased as a packaged deal together with the Plague Artists package in the BB shop.

Corvid: Bile

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Bile

Cost: 2000BB (Packaged)

Lore: The Corruption is an empiric’s dream, and Maxwell Creed works alongside his fellow experimenter to cut the tongues from enemy Hunters, hoping to absorb whispers of their secrets. After all, what better way is there to understand a disease than to become a part of it?

Corvid: Brood

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Brood

Cost: 2000BB (Packaged)

Lore: She sacrificed her morals dissecting the Bubonic heart of infection, losing herself in the madness and blight—blood knows her name, and she knows its taste. Now, Emma Davies joins an old colleague in the Hunt to conduct the ghoulish, Corrupted experiments of her dreams.

Battle Pass Hunters

The Desolation’s Wake Battle Pass offers 2 hunters. The first is The Centipede, which is available for having the free pass and reaching level 50. The Second is The Satateman which is unlocked at the 25th battle pass level (with the premium pass)

The Centipede

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Centipede

Cost: Battle Pass Free (Level 50)

Lore: Burying the human that was born, something burrowed out from the soil. Not an apparition, nor an imitation, but a barbed and malevolent new avatar of Corruption. But her path was not a straight one, for a more Primal metamorphosis awaited her.

The Statesman

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - The Statesman

Cost: Battle Pass Premium (level 25)

Lore: Anonymity serves many purposes, but some ambitions require a forceful hand. Emerging from the clouds of statecraft, The Statesman claims Tokens for the masters he serves, spreading their will amongst the scattered Hunters of the bayou.

Dark Tribute Hunters

The new Union Suit hunter skin comes in two variations. This hunter comes from a very rare Dark Tribute drop. Much in the same right as Bad Hand, these hunters are likely to be a flex of the lucky.

Union Suit: Red Drawers

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Red Drawers

Cost: Unlocked with a low chance via Dark Tribute.

Lore: Dirty work requires dirtier attire. When carving up crows for stew, Kurtis E. Falk dons these long johns to hide the stains. Legend has it he’s added a gallon of blood to the suit for every mile he crossed on his thousand-mile trek to Louisiana.

Union Suit: Sunday Best

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Sunday Best

Cost: Unlocked with a low chance via Dark Tribute.

Lore: While gruff in appearance, Union Suit’s voice can melt the wings of an angel. He often yodels at sunrise to an audience of Infected. His attempts to entrance targets with ballads always fail, but he saves these once-white garments for his finest of vocal performances.

Additional Legendary Hunters

Along with the above, we also have two new fantastic skins added to the Blood Bond shop.

The Redneck’s Daughter

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - The Redneck's Daughter

Cost: 700BB

Lore: Born in a barn and madder than a wet hen ever since, Millie Moses always wanted to be like her dear ol’ daddy, fighting Corruption to protect their family farm. Now, she’s old enough to join the fun…and she’s got some serious bones to pick.

Hex Breaker

Hunt: Showdown Legendary Skin - Hex Breaker

Cost 1000BB

Lore: Answering a call from the last Elias, a man of many names emerges from crimson shadows. He too has faced corruption and covens older than mankind. New Orleans has been reckless in containing the outbreak, but he will end Corruption’s spread.

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