Live Streaming

About Me

My name is WolfMerrik, and when I first started streaming, it was primarily focused on NES/GB speedrunning. However, I am changing the focus of my streams to include a larger variety of content. Currently Hunt: Showdown is the top of that list. I am also, while creating content on Twitch/Kick using that content to develop entertaining content for the site, its blog, and videos on YouTube.

Here is a brief overview of my streaming, the headers can be clicked to go to a page with greater detail.

Streaming Setup

Currently, I am running a Windows 11 PC on OBS to manage all of my streams. I am currently expanding and upgrading my current streaming setup, so for a more up-to-date list of the software I use, as well as the hardware, check out the page linked above.

Twitch Streaming

  • Twitch is my preferred streaming platform at the moment.
  • My stream can be found at
  • I had some issues getting back into my Twitch account and reactivating it. This has finally been resolved, so streaming there will resume shortly.

Kick Streaming

  • I have recently decided to set up and give a try.
  • My Kick stream can be found at
  • I am honestly more experimenting with Kick, but please drop a follow and check me out when I am online there.

Support the Stream

I appreciate if you are looking to support the stream (and me in general), here are some ways to do so:



  • I am looking at setting up my merchandise and integrating my T-shirt designs to help support the stream. Check them out here: WolfMerrik Merch

For a more complete list of ways to support the stream, click Support the Stream above.

YouTube Channel

Much like my Blog, which features content ranging from AI, Music, Sci-Fi/Horror, Absurdity in general, and of course gaming, my YouTube:, offers much of the same. Please drop a follow, and check out my content.

Upcoming Content

  • This will need to be updated later

Contact Me

You may contact me with:

  • Suggestions
  • Games To Play
  • Way to Improve the Stream
  • Love/Hate Mail

Social Media

  • You can always follow me on Twitter @WolfMerrik, although I mostly just read it.
  • I do sometimes post on Reddit @WolfMerrik
  • I am not a social media person.
  • I will soon be attempting to become on to help market my designs though. Should be a fun train wreck!