Northern Justice – Hunt: Showdown Has a New Mountie Skin

Hunt: Showdown has just released a new Mountie Skin titled Northern Justice. Let’s take a look at its lore, content, and everything else that we know.

Northern Justice Hunt Showdown Has A New Mountie Skin

Northern Justice Hunt Showdown Has A New Mountie Skin

A new Mountie skin for Hunt: Showdown titled Northern Justice is now for sale in the Steam store. It is a fantastic skin with some awesome extras. Let’s take a look at the most complete set of information I could collect from a variety of resources. It is important to note all images, media, and lore are a product of Crytek; this is simply a collection of it. This article is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by said content.

The DLC Video for Northern Justice

The official trailer of the new DLC is a true marvel. The release trailers of Hunt: Showdown, its expansions, its events, DLC, etc have truly amped the quality up. The Northern Justice skin trailer is no exception for sure.

What Northern Justice DLC Includes

The DLC Contains:

  • The Mountie (Legendary Hunter)
  • The Tarnished Record (Winfield M1876 Centennial)
  • Crimson Fist (Scottfield Brawler)
  • Royal Standard (Ammo Box)

The Lore of Northern Justice

The following lore comes from the DLC’s Steam Page:

Among the Mounted Police, Sergeant Jeffrey Forsyth had a reputation for being a strict enforcer of the law.

One stormy night he heard of a half-crazed trapper raving about bandits brutalizing local camps in the territory. He was commanded to wait for the rest of his unit, but a whisper in the back of his head told Forsyth this could not wait. He rode out against orders and alone.

After a long night’s ride, he picked up a trail of blood and gore leading to a gruesome scene. Around an altar of corpses, three hideous figures stood, calling on something called The Sculptor. Without hesitation he opened fire, levering his rifle and fighting back both revulsion and terror.

When his troop found Forsyth, he knelt alone amidst the carnage, dumbstruck and shaking. Lacking any explanation, his comrades put him in chains for his safety, and theirs.

Days later a stranger came to his cell. “Tell me everything you saw. Tell me as if your life depends on it.”

Though he had never met the man before the voice was familiar from the whispers in his head nights before. Forsyth regained his wits and complied, sparing no details.

That night, Forsyth was awakened by gunfire and the jangle of keys. “Come on, unless you want to hang,” the stranger said.

Jeffrey did not need to be told twice. When they stopped to make camp, John Victor introduced himself by name and without warning jabbed Forsyth with a heavy needle. Overwhelmed by the inoculation, Forsyth could only listen as John Victor spoke of the secret war that he was being drafted into.

Knowing he could never go back to his life before, Forsyth agreed to Hunt. This was his new justice, his new purpose and warrant.

More information

As with all things Hunt: Showdown, there is of course an active bashing, praising, and discussion in the community via the Hunt: Showdown Reddit:

New DLC: Northern Justice
byu/milkkore inHuntShowdown

News from the official Hunt Twitter

If you love/hate the new legendary hunter skin, be sure to let Crytek know by posting on the official X/twitter thread.

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