Desolation’s Wake – New Official Trailer Just Went Out Today

Desolation’s Wake had a teaser last week, but today we get the official trailer. And wow does it look exciting. Let’s see what this means for Hunt: Showdown.

The newest official trailer just dropped for Hunt: Showdown’s Desolation’s Wake. This follow-up video to last week’s Teaser Trailer is incredible, and it is well-fitting of the Hunt aesthetic. Since then, we have seen the preview of Deslation’s Wake’s first new Weapon (and a variant). Let’s examine the newest official trailer, and what it means for Hunt: Showdown.

Desolation’s Wake New Trailer Overview

To begin, the newest trailer by Crytek and the Hunt: Showdown team is an outstanding work of gaming cinema. It is well shot, well directed, incredibly voiced, and has a truly dark and unsettling tone. In the trailer, It features an incredibly powerful monologue from Sherrif Hardin. In the video, he talks about laying down the law in the Bayou.

Hardin’s Monologue

“Why did they send him? We always knew they were watching, but they never interfered, never set foot in the mud. Why now? Why him? I don’t know, but he brought enough weapons to take out a town. That means he’ll be looking for people gathering, fools he talks about. Justice, he talks about law, human law. The time has come to write our story with lead till there’s no one left to hear how it ends. That’s Louisiana justice. Steel, and gunpowder will lay down the truth and out of that, bring some order to this place.”

-Sherrif Hardin Desolation’s Wake Official Trailer
A still of a house from the Desolation's Wake trailer

The voice acting is quite amazing, as are the rendering and effects. Much like the latest teaser. It brings a genuine excitement to me that I have not felt since first playing Hunt. This is the final chapter in the trilogy of Desolation events, and it looks to be a very exciting one at that.

How it Could Be

How this trailer presents itself leads to a possibility of split factions. One on the outlaw side, and one on the side of the law. In traditional Hunt fashion, there are three factions, each with three unique traits to that faction. Because of the narrative of this video, we could take this be the first event where players are picking sides; outlaw and law? Will there be an introduction to another pact/faction when this event releases? There is no telling just yet, but I am excited to find out.

What We Can Confirm Of Desolation’s Wake

Fearful shadows, diseased Corruption, and utter desolation have brought the bayou to its knees.
Starting March 6th, claim victory with new weapons and forbidden powers as you discover what’s been left in Desolation’s Wake.

From the official Tweet of Desolation’s Wake
Desolations Wake Hunt: Showdown - Runs from March 6th to May 8th
Desolations Wake Dates

Based on this information we know the event will begin on the 6th of March 2024, and it will conclude on the 8th of May 2024. We can also infer that this will likely be an event taking place prior to the Engine Upgrade. I had initially speculated, based on information on the newest weapon, that the event would coincide with this release. However, this does seem to make more sense with the dev-blog’s timeline for the event to happen first.

Desolation’s Wake is meant to be part of a trilogy of events, as so stated in the dev blog. So, having this as a conclusion to the event trilogy before the upgraded engine makes a lot of sense from a release/roadmap standpoint.

We have only seen the Mako Carbine and its claw variant. These most recently announced weapons are based on the iconic Marlin. Because we know very little about what new weapons, traits, pacts, and mechanics will enter the game. Being that the new engine update is on the near horizon, I do expect the content to be fairly tame as they queue up for a heavy release with the engine upgrade, the new biome, and the new map.

Desolation’s Wake’s Known Arsenal

Another Nice Touch

Another nice touch in an update today via Hunt’s official Twitter shows a new weapon (skin) that is meant to honor the Hunt streamer: Hermit.

It looks like a fun skin to see coming during the event, and I hope they add more items that give daps to their other Hunt partners.

Join The Reddit Discussion of Desolation’s Wake

As always, the love and hatred of Hunt is sparking discussion. Desolation’s Wake is no exception to this. Many people are upset with the fact that there has been a HEAVY emphasis on events in Hunt. The trilogy has been long, and exhausting for many looking for a more vanilla experience. I welcome the constant change log of Hunt, and I respect that they do what few game companies/developers do; keep their content fresh and ever-evolving.

Desolation’s Wake / Official Trailer
byu/TheGentlemanGamerEC inHuntShowdown

More Information On Desolation’s Wake

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