Hunt: Showdown Teases at New Set of Twitch Drops

A teased announcement of upcoming Twitch drops for Hunt: Showdown were just announced on twitter. Let’s look at some ways to ensure you get them.

Hunt Showdown Teases At New Set Of Twitch Drops

Hunt Showdown Teases At New Set Of Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops

How To Get Twitch Drops for Hunt: Showdown

In the past, this was the method to ensure you got the drops:

Getting the drops on Twitch involves simply linking your account here:, logging into Twitch, and watching any Hunt: Showdown Streamer. Certain rewards may require watching a “Hunter Partner”. You may need to note who you are watching to receive the full list. This page acts as a FAQ showing all the details on the drops.

Speculation on the Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops

There is really not a lot to go on, with the exception of the image posted that shows a collection of Legendary Hunters, most of which came from previous Twitch Drops. In the last set of drops, the final reward allowed a previous and random ‘Drop Hunter’ to be claimed, and I would guess this will be the same. Last time I was fortunate enough to get Lulu, but the pool is likely to contain Lulu, Kill Buyer, Billy Story, Steel Eyed, The Infected, Umpire’s Bane, & More. Personally, I am hoping for Kill Buyer.

I would also speculate that supply crates, a new weapon skin, and a charm will make the mix. This was much the same as the formula of last time. I base this information on virtually nothing but the exception of the posted Image.

What I Received Last Time

The last set of drops allowed for a lot of possibilities. Here is what I received from the drops.

My Return To Twitch

Serendipitously, I have just started streaming Hunt: Showdown again at I would love it if you stopped by and got some of the new Twitch drops! Yes, this is a plug for my social media, but it’s my blog, so I can do that. I definitely hope to see you in chat.

But Thats Not All

Just before announcing the new Twitch drops, Hunt: Showdown also posted via x an announcement of an exciting musical release. The Port Sulphur band has an upcoming vinyl release, and it can be pre-ordered now.

I find this very exciting, I quite love the music of The Port Sulphur Band and would love to have a physical release from them.

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