Is Sticker Mule Great For Making New Promotional Items?

I recently had my first experiences with Sticker Mule and wanted to share my opinions of the price, quality, and overall value of what I found.

Is Stickermule Great For Making Promotional Merchandise

Is Stickermule Great For Making Promotional Merchandise

Recently I have decided to move away from POD sites (although not entirely) for merchandise and my designs. In doing so, I decided to research several options for making basic promotional items as well as a few other things.

Enter Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a company that fabricates products to your specifications in a variety of products. They specialize in fast turn-around and don’t have any massive quantity requirements for orders.

What I was looking for

I was initially looking to make up some pins for a video I was creating for a prop. Rather than making one by hand, I opted to create an SVG and shop it around for manufacturing. When it seemed most companies required me to make 100-500 of them, I found StikerMule which only required 10 as a minimum.

Is Stickermule Great For Making Promotional Merchandise
Some props I had created for a video I am making.

I had heard of the company before, and decided to give it a go, and noticed they also had a deal on ‘Circle Cut’ stickers. I decided to give an order of 50 of them with my logo to use as promo items and giveaways.

A Breakdown of Services

Sticker Mule offers a wide variety of products and helps you along the way. When uploading the artwork for the items, they create online proofs and do not complete the order until you are satisfied with what they present you with. This sense of accountability really made me feel worry-free about their services before even ordering.

Aside from this, I wanted to look at (what I found to be true from my limited experience so far) a breakdown of the various aspects of their services.


The fast turn-around was the shining star in my opinion from this company. Not only were my proofs ready in about 30 minutes, I had to do two revisions, each not taking long at all. When I was satisfied, my payment was processed, and I quickly received a chain of notifications on my order status. It was only a few days later that I saw it was manufactured and had shipped. From there, it was at my door in a matter of days. All-in-all, from start to finish, the order took about 6 days.


Doing something fast is one thing, but doing it right is another. I have ordered stickers and other merch from a variety of vendors (and even friends) and I can honestly say, they do it right.

Is Stickermule Great For Making Promotional Merchandise
A Side-by-side of the stickers I had made years back vs the Ones from StickerMule

Of all the products I ordered, they all seemed to be made well, of good material and were printed without defects. I was very impressed with the products both looked exactly as the proofs that were presented, so this is a standout as well.

Products Offered

StickerMule offers a lot of products that are perfect for promotion. In my last order, I received a preview with various products thrown in. I can say (aside from the coaster which didn’t make it) that they are all of great quality. They even included a hot sauce which was pretty damn satisfying.

Is Stickermule Great For Making Promotional Merchandise
A variety of products offered by StickerMule

Aside from offering stickers (in a variety of styles) they also offer charms, keychains, and even can print shirts and other merchandise. Where they really seem to shine, and what draws me to them is the various packaging products they offer.

I really wanted to have custom mailers made up, so seeing the various options for this got me excited. They offer bubble mailers, labels, and even custom rolls of labeled/branded tape. This is something I will definitely look into when on sale.


Regarding pricing, I did find their prices to be moderately high. To put into perspective, the stickers I ordered broke down to about 38c each, however, the ones I had ordered prior were about a dime each. Given, that I had ordered a much larger quantity before, however, the price I ordered from via StickerMule was a “flash sale” type of pricing.

Overall, they are moderately priced, however, they are of fine quality. Overall, I would say they are worth ordering from for periodic promotional items when they have deals. Otherwise, ordering in massive/larger quantities is the only way to make it seem most worthwhile in my opinion. They also offer some services that are more than fair or better than other sites, so it is worth researching against them, but keep in mind they are high quality in their production.

My Verdict of StickerMule

Overall, I found my experience with StickerMule to be great. The shipping costs were nil, they came quickly and the quality is great. I do think their prices are on the higher end (for some things), however, they have sales often and intend to utilize that more for giveaways and other promotional items with branding/etc.

Check Out StickerMule

Are you interested in checking out the services offered by StickerMule? If so, I would request you click the affiliate link below:

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

While I don’t normally post anything of an affiliate nature, since I do intend to use this site again, it benefits us both. By using the above link, you are given a ten-dollar credit, and I am given the same (probably when you make a purchase or something like that, I did not read the fine print).

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