Hunt: Showdown – The New Son of Gunpowder Hunter DLC

Hunt: Showdown has revealed a teaser of a possible new DLC titled Son of Gunpowder. With it is a skin for the Martini and small vitality shot.

Hunt Showdown The New Upcoming Son Of Gunpowder Dlc

Hunt Showdown The New Upcoming Son Of Gunpowder Dlc

Hunt: Showdown has announced a (possible) new DLC titled Son of Gunpowder. What we have seen (in the above image) is what looks like a new skin for the Martini (base model). The lore that came with it also eludes to a new Legendary Hunter. Let’s look at what we know.

Hunt: Showdown Son of Gunpowder Announcement

An announcement of this came through an official Hunt: Showdown Tweet. The following tidbit of cryptic lore accompanied it:

Heir to the Fawkes mission, Francis was burnt at the stake for crimes of an explosive nature. On that day though, he did not die. Instead, marred by the flames, he strode on with glorious purpose, to fulfill his family name through deadly application of gunpowder.


Additionally, another image related to the upcoming DLC was discovered on the official Hunt YouTube community section.

Hunt: Showdown Son Of Gunpowder - Vitality Shot Skin
Hunt: Showdown Son Of Gunpowder – Possible Vitality Shot Skin

This appears to be the small vitality shot skin, likely meant to accompany the DLC. It contained the same lore flavour-text. Most DLC packs come with more than two item skins along with a legendary hunter, so we can likely expect more to be revealed closer.

With Hunt: Showdown Desolation’s Wake

The Son Of Gunpowder is likely a DLC meant to accompany Desolation’s Wake. We have seen the announcement of two new weapons, some variants, and even a new skin coming alongside it. There is a possibility, with the recent updates, that Son Of Gunpowder could be the legendary hunter unlock from the event-pass. The last announced DLC was the Northern Justice Mountie skin, and based on that release schedule, it also aligns with that. Only time will tell.

Desolation’s Wake hits the swamps of Hunt starting March 6th, 2024, and we will likely have the remainder of this DLC’s details revealed then.

Son of Gunpowder On Reddit

With very little information to go on, the discussion of this DLC seems to be more on the lore. Many believe this hunter to be a descendant of Guy Fawkes. Join in on the Reddit discussion, or leave a comment on what you think we can expect.

Son of Gunpowder
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