Desolation’s Wake – Hunt: Showdown’s New Teaser Has Dropped!

Desolation’s Wake has been announced by Crytek and the Hunt: Showdown team. Let’s look at the new teaser/trailer and begin speculation.

Hunt: Showdown’s Official YouTube Channel has just dropped a new teaser for the upcoming Desolation’s Wake. The trailer/teaser is stunning and Crytek truly has been killing it on the animation of their content trailers. Being that it is a teaser, there is not a lot of takeaway, but let’s still look at what we have got.

Crytek Cryptic

In true Crytek fashion, the tweet complimenting this video gives us very little to work with. Hunt: Showdown is a notoriously cryptic game with deep lore. The text accompanying the video is as follows:

On fetid winds, new blood arrives.
Through lead and steel, they shall survive.
Within the bayou, evil thrives.
Go forth, dear Hunter, and claim your prize

What the Desolation’s Wake Trailer Shows Us

We start with a gorgeous shot of a train rolling through the outskirts of the bayou. Not long later, the train rolls into a station and Sherrif Hardin is shown. Some men are then shown unloading the cargo of the train. Sherrif Hardin reaches for his six-gun as a shadowy figure enters the frame. We then have a quick shot showing some ammo boxes and various weaponry. It then cuts to Hardin sizing the man up as the man says “Take me to the bounties”.

Boarding the Train of Speculation

Discussions on Reddit and Twitter have created many theories, many of which seem to be focusing on the train. The train as a new way to extract has been proposed as well as having an actual moving train on the map. I feel the train was just a dramatic setup to aid the video’s narrative. Will I be excited to be wrong? Absolutely.

Whether this update will be an event or coincide with the new engine’s release is currently unknown. We know that the new Twitch drops are about to go live (with a chance to unlock legendary hunter skins like Lulu) so it is likely not to coincide with this event. The new engine has been discussed as coming out by the mid-year, late March, and many other “rumor dates“, but nothing official. I would like to believe that this trailer is to help build hype around the new engine’s launch event.

Joining In On the Discussion of Desolation’s Wake

As always, Reddit is the best place to post your love/hatred (or both) for Hunt: Showdown. There is an active discussion right now regarding the event trailer:

Desolation’s Wake (Teaser Trailer)
byu/TheGentlemanGamerEC inHuntShowdown

With the announcement of a new gun, based on an 1890s Marlin, we have even more speculation ahead of us. Desolation’s Wake will prove to be exciting, and more details will keep surfacing in it’s wake as we draw nearer to the event.

More Information On Desolation’s Wake

I have already covered a great deal of content for Desolations Wake, its mechanics, arsenal, and beyond. You can find these posts here:

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