New ProTips for Hunt: Showdown Series & What is Next

Let’s look at what media I am working on now, and what is down the road. Comments are more than welcome to help shape the future of this series.

Pro Tips From A Three Star Dispatching Enemies Quickly

Pro Tips From A Three Star Dispatching Enemies Quickly

Currently, I have been working hard on my Pro Tips from a Three-Star Series and adding new videos to it. But this isn’t all I have planned for my YouTube and there are more series and one-offs I have been working hard on.

ProTips Series

This has been the series I have been focusing on the most, as I have truly had the most fun making it. I have always felt that doing what you enjoy is key, so that is why it has been the primary focus on my channel.

Playlist of the Hunt: Showdown ProTips Series

What Else?

Aside from this series, I have finally sorted through my insane amount of clips, and begun working on my Longer-form bayou series. This series will dial the humour back a bit, and focus on my thoughts and experiences in Hunt: Showdown.

Starting to stream again has been still on the burner, and looking to move forward soon now that I have a microphone that is not garbage. Additionally, I have started working on music again, and not just edits and remixes of music for my videos. I was also looking to post a lot of my back catalog of breakcore and madness on my various channels, so keep an eye out for that.

A Shoutout to Reddit

A quick shout-out to my favorite toxic environment, Reddit. It was where I posted my first ProTips video which helped spark my interest in the creation of it into a series.

Protip – Dispatching Enemies Quickly
byu/WolfMerrik inHuntShowdown

Any love and upvotes are always appreciated. Thank you.

But What About?

I am currently working on a lot, and balancing that with family can be a challenge. So ideas sometimes get scrapped, projects get changed, and timelines get altered. That being said, I am working as hard as I can to produce quality videos that I hope you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to hear them. You can always comment on any of my pages, and of course, leave your thoughts on any of my videos. Thanks as always,


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