Hunt: Showdown – Desolation’s Wake And The New 1.16 Patch

Hunt: Showdown’s 1.16 Patch brings a lot of exciting changes coming alongside Desolation’s Wake. Let’s look at the changes happening in Hunt Right Now.

Hunt Showdown Desolations Wake And The New 1 16 Patch

Hunt Showdown Desolations Wake And The New 1 16 Patch

Hunt: Showdown has been updated to 1.16. With it, comes the release of this patch comes Desolation’s Wake. There are changes in mechanics, new weapons, 3 exciting pacts, reworks to legendary skins, and much more. The official patch notes are available and there are some very exciting changes. In this article, we will look at a verbose look at some of the changes, and then delve into changes with more details in future articles.

In this article, I will share the unofficial patch notes, as well as a fantastic video guide to get you prepared for the newest chapter of Hunt: Showdown, and likely the last event before the new engine.

Changes to Pledge Marks

In the new event, pledge marks will have a much more varied series of uses than in previous events. One of the ways was recently shared via the official Twitter.

Littered around the lands of Desolation’s Wake, lucky Hunters can discover Sealed Rewards in key locations. Spending a Pledge Mark can unseal these rewards and offer a variety of boosts to aid you in your Mission!

@HuntShowdown via Twitter

Using pledge marks, users can unlock the following rewards:

  • Four Shot Boon (Poison, Stamina, Regen, & Vitality)
  • Experience Boon (2k Experience)
  • Full Restock Box (All Ammo Types)
  • Explosive Box (3 explosive consumables)
  • Cash Register (500 hunt dollars)

And several more.

When the event is released, a full guide for all uses of pledge marks will certainly follow. As well as more updates regarding the new Sealed Cache.

Information on the New Hunt: Showdown Event

Most of the information here comes from the official patch notes. However, when preparing this article, certain portions used the unofficial patch notes created by user Pitous. Some of this information is still used below, however, attempts were made to ensure accuracy.

Desolation’s Wake & 1.16 Unofficial Patch Notes
byu/pitous inHuntShowdown

Hunt: Showdown 1.16

Hunt: Showdown has updates to 1.16 on March 6th, 2024. With it has come the release of Desolation’s Wake. The following is taken from the official patch notes and the information comes from the day of release. This is a summarized list, so for a complete list of changes, refer to the official notes.


Two more Burn Traits permanently join the roster in this update. Like the other Burn Traits, they can be found randomly in Missions or dropped from Meatheads.

  • Rampage: Killing an enemy Hunter while at least one Health Chunk is empty triggers a Restoration for your Hunter.
  • Remedy: Using Dark Sight, interact with a Trait Spur within range to trigger a Restoration effect similar to banishing for your team’s Hunters. (25m)

New Weapons & Custom Ammo Additions

  • Caldwell Marathon: Fast-firing pump action rifle that performs best at mid-range. A clunky reload reduces its flexibility
    • Some stats:
      • 113 damage
      • 1s cycle time
      • 160m headshot range
      • 19.2s reload speed
      • 31 rpm
      • 430m/s
      • 15 + 1/24
    • Normal and swift variant
    • Ammo types:
      • FMJ
      • Poison
    • Traits applicable:
      • Iron eye
      • Bullet grubber
  • Mako 1895 Carbine: Long-range, lever-action rifle that delivers a powerful punch with long ammo.
    • Some stats:
      • 128 damage
      • 1.6s cycle time
      • 302m headshot range
      • 13s reload speed
      • 20 rpm
      • 540m/s
      • 6+1/8
    • Claw and aperture variant
    • Ammo Types:
      • Explosive
      • FMJ
  • Crown now has Flechette ammo
  • Caldwell Rival now has Dragon’s Breath ammo

Thundershower & Ash Bloom Adjustments

  • Heavy rain reduced from 240 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Heavy rain is now slightly louder when inside buildings
  • Light ash bloom will be more common
  • Ash sound was tweaked and reduced slightly

Gunplay Changes

  • Explosive Ammo Buff
    • Now stronger against AI and bosses
    • Headshot range increased:
      • Springfield explosive increased from 94m to 175m
      • Martini explosive increased from 287m to 309m
      • Uppercut explosive increased from 35m to 83m
  • Vetterli Cyclone
    • Reduced recoil and increased reload speed
  • UpperMat
    • Increased damage, now does the same damage as Uppercut
    • Smoother animations
  • Melee Weapons
    • All melee weapons are now small slot, except bomblance

Gameplay Changes

  • Inspect animations for all Consumables and non-melee Tools have been added.
    • Every Weapon, Tool, and Consumable now has a corresponding Inspect animation! Yes, even the Beetles.
  • Increased view distance when in Beetle View.
  • Headshot damage on Grunts, Hives, and Hellhounds increased.
  • Increased Long Ammo damage on Grunts.
  • Reduced the damage of melee Tools against Boss Targets.
  • Added a few Consumables to the Toolbox (both the Consumable and world-spawned boxes):
    • Big Dynamite Bundle
    • Hellfire Bomb
    • Vitality Shot (Weak)
    • Decreased chance of receiving a Frag Bomb
  • Increased the Ammo Resupply for Starshell and Penny Shot Ammo
  • Lightfoot now triggers the quiet crouch audio when walking across/through noise traps (e.g. broken glass, hanging chains). Sprinting across/through them still plays the louder audio.
  • Increased stamina consumption for the Knuckle Knife, for both heavy and light attacks.
  • Decreased the spawn rate of world-spawned melee Weapons around Boss Target Lairs.
  • Decrease of the duration of the Antidote Shot and Antidote Shot (Weak).
    • Antidote Shot now lasts 10 minutes, down from 20 minutes.
    • Antidote Shot (Weak) now lasts 5 minutes, down from 10 minutes.
  • Red Skull Revive Changes
    • Increased the time to revive dead (red-skulled) teammates to 10s from 4s (when carrying Bounty Token or when using Peacekeeper Trait).
    • Changed reviving dead (red-skulled) teammates to deal 50 damage over the course of the revive. The last health point cannot be lost that way, as before.

Meta Changes & Recruitment

  • Reduced the number of Traits for each Recruit Tier:
    • Free and Tier 1 Recruits: 1 Trait.
    • Tier 2 Recruits: 2 Traits.
    • Tier 3 Recruits: 3 Traits.
  • The overall chance of high-point perks decreased
  • Refunding a 1-point trait will now give you 1 point, not 0
  • Trait Unlock Levels Changes
    • Rank of Kiteskin (now Rank 51)
    • Hundred Hands (now Rank 16).
  • Only one free Recruit is available when your Hunt Dollar account balance drops below 20,000 Hunt Dollars, per Mission.
  • Removed unlimited Recruitment reshuffle when below 20,000 Hunt Dollars.
  • Increased the minimum combined Upgrade Point value of Traits for Legendary Hunters.
    • If a Legendary Hunter’s Traits are worth less than 11 Upgrade Points, they will receive the difference as separate Upgrade Points that can be spent at will.
  • Some high-tier weapons were removed from free hunter rolls
  • Retirement is now only available at level 50
    • Retiring grants reduced Bloodline XP

Headsman Nerf

Desolation’s Wake (March 6 – May 8th)

  • Pacts now only have 1 trait, which you automatically get by pledging. No pledgemarks are required to acquire.
  • Death Pact
    • Witness: see dead hunters and AI up to 75m, will activate a slow regen when getting close
    • Resilience buff: revive teammates in half the time
    • Looting hunters gives 2 pledgemarks instead of 1 (only once per game)
    • Hunters: Sofia, Worm Bite, Bone Mason
  • Lawful Pact
    • Can revive red-skulled teammates at the cost of burning 50 of your own HP
    • Looting a hunter gives one bar back
    • Packmule buff: receive some ammo for all applicable ammo pools when you loot a hunter
    • Once you get 30 event points in a match, you receive 2 pledge marks instead of 1
    • Hunters: Sheriff Hardin, Witch Hunter, Mountie
  • Primal Pact
    • Berserker: double melee damage
    • Beastface buff: fully invisible to any animal sound traps
    • Banishing boss gives 2 pledge marks instead of 1
    • Hunters: Felis, Iron Bark, Lonely Howl
  • New Usage of Pledge Marks
    • You use the pledge marks to unlock pledge seals
      • Found at normal supply points, hunter towers, watch towers
    • Sealed Cache
      • Spawns once in the middle of the map, has unique seals only found there
      • Bounty Token: trade 2 pledge marks for a single boss token
      • Master Clue: trade 1 pledge mark to reveal where all boss locations on the map
      • Medkit: trade 1 pledge mark to restore all missing health chunks for the entire team
      • Four Shot Boon: trade 1 pledge mark to receive the effects of a stam, regen, antidote, and vitality shot for 5 minutes
      • Experience Boon: trade 1 pledge mark for 2,000 hunter XP
      • Big Cash Register: trade 1 pledge mark for 500 hunt dollars
      • Full Restock Box: trade 1 pledge mark to restock all ammo and tools
      • Explosive Box: trade 1 pledge mark for 3 explosive consumables
    • Earning Pledge Marks:
      • First time banishing a target
      • First time looting a hunter
      • 30 event points
      • Become soul survivor
  • Battlepass
    • 50 levels, 1000 points per level
  • New Skins
    • Hunters:
      • Redneck’s Daughter (700 BB)
      • Hex Breaker (1000 BB)
      • Corvid: Brood & Corvid: Bile (2000 BB)
      • The Statesman (Premium Battlepass) – lvl 25
      • The Centipede (Free BattlePass) – lvl 50
    • Guns/Tools/Consumables – BP skins premium only:
      • Fatal Scurry: New Army Swift (Battlepass) – lvl 1
      • Final Constitution: Weak Antidote Shot (Battlepass) – lvl 5
      • Pincer Strike: Hand Crossbow (Battlepass) – lvl 10
      • Gnawing Ire: Marathon (Battlepass) – lvl 14
      • Debate’s End: Mako (Battlepass) – lvl 20
      • Depth Marker: Waxed Dynamite (Battlepass) – lvl 28
      • Filibuster: Winnie silenced (Battlepass) – lvl 32
      • Piercing Edge: Mako Claw (Battlepass) – lvl 35
      • New Heirloom: Mako Aperture (Battlepass) – lvl 39
      • Prenumbra: Crossbow (Battlepass) – lvl 43
      • Birthright: Bornheim (Battlepass) – lvl 47
      • Noble Execution: Marathon swift (Battlepass) – lvl 50
      • Hoot and Holler: Big Dynamite (500 BB)
      • Silent Sting: Bornheim Silenced (800 BB)
      • Deadly Cure: Nagant Officer Carbine (800 BB)
      • Doctor’s Snare: Poison Trip Mine (600 BB)
      • Undertaker’s Song: Vetterli Silenced (700 BB)
      • Kinfolk’s Cluth: Winfield Terminus (600 BB)
      • Creeping Night: Silenced Centennial Shorty (800 BB)

An Excellent Video By Rexnor

Rexnor has created an excellent video demonstrating the new changes coming to patch 1.16, as well as the Desolation’s Wake event. I highly suggest checking out this content and his other Hunt: Showdown videos.

A Look at the Upcoming Legendary Hunters

A list of costs, as well as a compilation of images, was created on Reddit which shows what we can expect starting tomorrow.

a quick view on the all new legendary hunters
byu/AgentMall inHuntShowdown

More Information On Desolation’s Wake

I have already covered a great deal of content for Desolations Wake, its mechanics, arsenal, and beyond. You can find these posts here:

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