Speedruns, particularly those of retro games (and even more particularly NES and GB) were a hobby and lifestyle of mine about 5 years ago when I was in college. However, due to my OCD nature, I decided to take a step back from it while I completed college after a sign (my hard drive completely gave up). I, unfortunately, lost all the data for my setups, my live split info, etc etc. Yes, that does come off a bit like “excuses” as to why I stopped.

I do feel that this is something I have always wanted to get back into and truly know I will. I still have that CRT setup in the bedroom, and every once in a while try to dazzle an unsuspecting person into playing a game of Ducktales, or Gremlins 2, etc. — with me.

Best Times

You can view my best times here: https://www.speedrun.com/users/WolfMerrik

VoDs of Speedruns

For your enjoyment here is a playlist of all my speedrun VODs, all the runs without the resets!

Speedrun Commercials

While those can be found HERE, I will be kind enough to put an embed of the playlist down below as well. Enjoy!