The New Event Traits, Pacts, and More of Desolation’s Wake

Desolation’s Wake has its own set of pacts: The Death, Lawless, & Primal Pacts. In this article we explore the various traits/perks that come with each pledge.

The New Event Traits Pacts And More Of Desolations Wake

The New Event Traits Pacts And More Of Desolations Wake

The Death Pact, Lawful Pact, & Primal Pact comprise the three pacts coming to Desolation’s Wake. With each comes an exciting set of mechanics and traits to explore. Hunt: Showdown is always bringing us exciting content with events, and Desolation’s Wake is no exception. Let’s examine what each pact is capable of and what we can expect to come with them.

Desolation’s Wake: Death Pact

The Pact of Death will get a new ability and augmentation on an existing one. Unsprisingly these all deal with, in some way, death. Innately, any hunter pledged to the pact will have the trait of Resilience and get a special perk. With this trait, death pact pledge hunters will have their time to revive teammates cut in half. This will not affect solo revive.

Also, when looting fallen hunters, you will now gain two pledge marks, instead of one.

Death Pact Trait: Witness

Witness gives you the ability to see dead hunters and monsters while in Dark Sight. Its range has been stated to be 75 meters. Additionally, you will also recover health while close to a corpse while in dark sight while having this trait.

Resilience changes with the Death Pact
Witness, Death Pact Trait

Desolation’s Wake: Lawful Pact

Members of the Lawful Pact will have some changes to the Packmule trait. When looting dead hunters, they will recover lost ammo from all types they have used. This makes looting hunters a great source for recovering those seldom-found ammo types in the bayou.

Lawful Pact Traits: Peace Keeper

Lawful pact hunters will have the ability to revive fully dead hunters, a task previously requiring a bounty token. With this trait, a hunter can revive a teammate who has had all health chunks removed (red skull death). Doing so will however cost you a burn of 50HP from your hunter. However, looting a fallen enemy will trigger a single-bar restoration on the hunter with Peace Keeper.

Hunt: Showdown Desolation's Wake Changes to Packmule Trait
Hunt: Showdown Desolation's Wake Peacekeeper Trait

Desolation’s Wake: Primal Pact

The Primal Pact will give hunters a bonus to the Beastface trait. With this pact, hunters will be fully invisible to all animals. Much like how shadow works with monsters, animals will no longer be able to see the Primal Pact hunter.

Primal Pact Traits: Berserker

Berserker, which is a trait that was present in the last event is returning. With this trait hunters will have their melee damage doubled. This gives a great opportunity to try melee-based load-outs and extinguish AI easily.

Hunt: Showdown Beastface changes in Desolation's Wake

Additional Changes Coming

There will be some changes coming to Desolation’s Wake regarding the pledging of pacts. Also, pledge points will function differently during this event. More information will follow on this when the event has been released.

More Information On Desolation’s Wake

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