Hunt: Showdown – What is Upcoming & New Upgraded Engine

A relook at the often quoted developer update video with David Field, General Manager of Hunt: Showdown from Sep 29, 2023 and how it applies to 2024.

Hunt Showdown What Is Upcoming New Upgraded Engine

Hunt Showdown What Is Upcoming New Upgraded Engine

Now, this is not new to a lot of people, however, I wanted to cover some of the changes that we know about that are upcoming in the Newly Upgraded Engine for Hunt: Showdown. To do so, I will re-examine the often quoted video when talking about the engine upgrade. This video came from the Hunt: Showdown team and provided a loose roadmap of what to expect from Hunt in 2024.

Hunt: Showdown’s Dev Update Video

David Field, General Manager of the Hunt Showdown franchise, provides an update on the near-term plans for the game as it progresses into 2024. This latest Roadmap discussed covers a lot of what we can expect from the new engine. This video was taken from the official Hunt: Showdown YouTube.

Regarding the Hunt: Showdown New Upgraded Engine

  • Engine Version: The game is upgrading to Cry Engine 5.11, which is planned for release in early 2024. No specific date has been given, but there is A LOT of speculation. Most recently this is believed to coincide with the end of the Desolation’s Wake event.
  • Graphical and Content Upgrades: Map 4 is being built as a showcase for many of the graphical and content upgrades in the new Cry Engine. This suggests improvements in visual fidelity, environmental details, lighting effects, etc.
  • Launch on Next-Gen Consoles: The upgraded engine will mark the official launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This means that the game will fully utilize the capabilities of these newer consoles, likely offering enhanced graphics, smoother performance, and potentially other features specific to these platforms.
  • Minimum Specs Update: With the upgrade, the minimum PC and console specs that Hunt Showdown will support are being raised. This ensures that the game can take full advantage of the new engine’s capabilities while maintaining a consistent experience across different hardware configurations.
  • Free Upgrade Path for Console Players: Players on older console versions (PS4 and Xbox One) will have a free upgrade path to migrate to the new upgraded versions of Hunt Showdown on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This ensures that players can continue playing the game on newer consoles without additional cost.
  • Technical Features: The upgraded engine version supports technical features such as DirectX 12, FSR 2.1.2 (FidelityFX Super Resolution), DirectStorage, and HDR (High Dynamic Range). These features contribute to improved performance, visual quality, and overall gaming experience.
  • Future Improvements: The upgraded engine will pave the way for further improvements in the second half of 2024. This indicates that the game will continue to receive updates and enhancements to leverage the capabilities of the new engine and accommodate evolving technologies.
Hunt Showdown's new requirements under the Engine Upgrade
Hunt Showdown’s new requirements under the Engine Upgrade

Overall, the upgraded engine represents a significant milestone for Hunt Showdown, bringing improvements in graphics, performance, and technical capabilities to enhance the gaming experience for players across different platforms.

Regarding Hunt: Showdown In General

Also discussed in the video are various features that we can expect to be worked into Hunt: Showdown. Some of these have already come to pass, however, there are still some yet to come.

  • Events and Packs: The game is rolling out a new Trilogy of events, with chapters being deployed across the fall and winter of 2023. The response to new packs and trait systems introduced with each event has been positive, and more of these are planned, including both old and new ones.
  • Twitch Drop Campaign: In October, there will be a Twitch drop campaign to celebrate Halloween, offering new hunter weapons and charm rewards for viewers. These drops will also include crates to bolster inventories and event points for tuning in.
  • Gameplay Features: The game is introducing new gameplay features such as an additional 25 Hunter slots beyond the current maximum of 50. The Prestige system is also undergoing a rework related to unlocking weapons, with new reward schemes planned for 2024.
  • Trait Reworks: Trait reworks are being evaluated to consolidate similar traits into single versions with wider applications. This includes consolidating separate scop Smith traits into a single trait and improving logic around traits for newly recruited hunters.
  • Weapon Inspection Animations: Weapon inspection animations are being rolled out gradually, starting with pistols, melee weapons, and some tools in the next update.
  • Controller and Gamepad Support: The Console controller and gamepad support are undergoing a major refactor, with significant changes targeted for the winter update. This includes adjustments to Dead Zone, aim assist, acceleration options, custom button mapping, and a weapon wheel rework.
  • Backend and Networking Improvements: The game is transitioning to a decentralized backend for all services, which will allow for updates without downtime and prevent regional outages. Networking improvements are also aimed at addressing common frustrations like rubber banding and projectile path consistency.
  • Matchmaking Refactor: Matchmaking will be refactored to address MMR volatility and allow partner duos to team with a third random player. Voice chat functions will also be changed to enable communication without broadcasting to enemy teams.
  • Fair Play Measures: Steps are being taken to ensure fair play, including the prohibition of reshade (thank god that happened btw) to block potential exploits. The team is also focused on countering exploits and cheaters, with improvements to handling and analysis of player reporting for toxicity, exploits, and cheating.
Hunt: Showdown Roadmap of 2023-2024, what to expect.
Hunt Showdown’s Coming Changes

These updates encompass various aspects of gameplay, user experience, and technical enhancements aimed at improving the overall gaming experience for players.

For My Own Sanity

I found myself referencing this video quite a bit in the past several months with recent updates, so this article can serve as a better point of reference. I hope you found this breakdown of the video useful and would love to hear your comments on how you think things played out.

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