Hunt: Showdown, Now Helping you to Find the Headsman Skin

The ever impossible to find Headsman skin for Hunt: Showdown is getting reworked and made more visible. But now which legendary hunter will be complained about?

Cover Image of the Headsman showing rework.

Hunt Showdown Now Helping You To Find The Headsman Skin

The immortally complained about Headsman Skin has been scheduled to be nerfed. Hunt: Showdown announced via tweet that this rework would be soon to come. This change will likely come as soon as March 6th, 2024, with the release of Desolation’s Wake.

The Official Headsman Skin Tweet

The proposed change was announced by the official Hunt: Showdown team today via their Twitter. It shows the proposed rework of the Headsman. The added red color should provide a much-needed contrast to the skin.

Hunt: Showdown Proposed Rework of The Headsman Skin
Hunt: Showdown Proposed Rework of The Headsman Skin

“The Headsman and his ability to blend in with his surroundings has been a big thorn in the community’s side. With that feedback in mind, we’re doing something to fix the problem!

Take a look at the changes we’re bringing to the Legendary Hunter in the upcoming patch.”


Reddit is Buzzing with Excitement

Reddit is abuzz with the delight of the ‘headsman nerf’. Particularly user Nillevanille, the user responsible for the many Where’s-Wally/Waldo-Esq posts regarding the headsmen.

byu/TheGentlemanGamerEC inHuntShowdown

Nillevanille’s Quest

Nillevanille on Reddit managed to stage essentially a 94-day protest with his various “Find the Headsman” Posts. The final being:

Find the Headsman! – swipe for solution, posting every day until Crytek fixes the skin {day 94}

It truly was a journey, and I am certain played at least some part in Crytek’s decision to rework the skin.

Thoughts on the Hunt: Showdown Headsman Skin Rework?

Personally, although I did find the skin to be difficult to spot, I did not see it miles beyond some others. This skin seemed to have a meme status as being invisible, and I will miss that. I am certain another hunter will take its place down the road, but only time will tell. That all being said, I do like the new reddish color added.

What legendary hunter in Hunt: Showdown do you think will be complained about next? Do you have a particular hatred of legendary skin? Let me know in the comments.

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