Hunt: Showdown – My First Steps In The Bayou

Let’s take a look at my initial thoughts on Hunt: Showdown with my first gameplay footage in this new Video by WolfMerrik

This featured video looks at my initial thoughts on Hunt: Showdown with my first gameplay footage. This new video is posted on the WolfMerrik YouTube Account. Let’s Also take a look at my initial thoughts and impressions regarding those murky waters of Hunt: Showdown.

What Is Hunt: Showdown?

Hunt: Showdown is a PvPvE extraction shooter created by Crytek set in 1890s America with some very unique gameplay mechanics. You play as a Hunter tasked with eliminating the beasts of the Bayou. Hunt takes place in a fictionalized infested version of the Louisiana Bayou during a supernatural apocalypse event. You search for clues to help you track down the boss targets all while competing against other Hunters and Teams. After killing the boss, your goal is to extract safely.

In Hunt, you can play Solo, or in groups of Two or Three. There is a bonus for playing solo and going against larger teams as the rewards are greatly increased. After killing the boss, your location is revealed as you banish it. And after picking up the proof of its demise (bounty token) all hunters can see you on the map as you flee for extract. However, your Hunter is equipped with many gifts, and after picking up a token, you can see other players while in dark sight (for a limited time)

All in all, Hunt is an exciting and original game with a fantastic design.

Sound and Visuals

The Visuals of Hunt are amazing, with monster and boss designs that look original. Hunt creates a sense of desolation in the Lousiana Swamps and has an esthetic all its own. The design of weapons, hunters, and all else feels cohesive and well thought out.

The Sound of Hunt: Showdown is what sets this apart from other games. The sound delivered by way of the Cryengine is the best I have ever heard. You can very accurately (with practice) pinpoint what type of gun someone is using, how far away they are, and what vector they came from. This adds a level of gameplay that is imperative to Hunt; being quiet and maintaining silence. It also allows you to make the other Hunters become the Hunted by honing in on their locations.

Tutorial Hiccups

I did have some issues with Hunt when I first began, namely in that the tutorial failed to load monsters I was required to kill to move on to the next checkpoint.

Bugs In The Tutorial

Hunt: Showdown Tutorial
Hunt Showdown Tutorial Issues

I was able, after the third attempt to complete it, however, I almost refunded the game before this. Thankfully I did not, as this was the only bug I encountered (and have encountered) since playing.

Taking Control

After stumbling through the tutorial, that is where the real fun started. I had my fair share of deaths, that is for sure. I also had an incredible sense of reward for every kill, boss banish, and extract. Hunt gave me a charge and sense of control that was unprecedented. The perma-death of my Hunters added a real sense of urgency in every action and I greatly loved the increase in risk. Because of the increase in risk, the rewards felt exponentially more delightful.

Take a look at the video posted and witness my first kills, boss fights, and many other incredible exploits from my first steps in Hunt: Showdown.

Continued Hunt: Showdown Adventures

This is just a start in the series, stay tuned for more in this NEW SERIES of Hunt: Showdown-related content. Keep those boots squelching in the mud, and keep those trigger fingers twitching.

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I hope to see you all in the bayou!

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