Hunt: Showdown New Documentary by the Cosiety Team

A documentary on Hunt: Showdown was put together by Cosiety, and can be watched on YouTube. Let’s take a look at it now and the recognition it is getting.

In a documentary class at Nossi College of Art, a documentary of Hunt: Showdown was made. This documentary is short and sweet and very well goes over the emotion and anxiety that comes with the PvPvE shooter that is Hunt.

Official Recognition

This video was brought to my attention on the official Hunt Twitter. I truly love that they are giving the recognition this college project deserves:

Some fantastic Hunt fans have put together a documentary for their college course, and we’d love to show it off some!

A huge thanks to @cosietymedia for putting this together—it’s absolutely amazing. Best of luck in class!

@HuntShowdown via Twitter


That is it, I just wanted to share this video as I found it to be an enjoyable short watch. I wanted to help spread its reach and give my praise. If you enjoyed it: Please give them your thoughts and drop a like on the video.

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