My New Pro-Tips from a 3-Star Hunter Series Hunt: Showdown

The second video in my Hunt: Showdown ProTips from a 3star hunter series has launched. Here is what I have currently planned for it.

Pro Tips From A Three Star Strike Like A Serpent

Pro Tips From A Three Star Strike Like A Serpent

I have been working on ideas for a new series on my YouTube, titled: Pro-Tips from a 3-star Hunter. In it, I go over “Pro-Tips” for Hunt: Showdown in a satirical manner.

The Series

The nature of this video series is to deliver humorous guides/tips in a “Pro-Tips” style format. This ranges from satirical commentary on mistakes made by new players, making fun of my own mistakes while playing, and pointing out the flaws in others’ actions from my clips. While the timing of the first video felt serendipitous (and I must admit, it was a stroke of luck to catch it just right), my aspiration is to encapsulate the essence of what made it so funny.

Currently, there are two posted videos in this series: Them Dogs Won’t Hunt, and Strike Like a Serpent… Rat. The videos (past, future, and present) can be found in a playlist series page here, and via a YouTube Playlist.

Release Schedule

I’ve mapped out a release cadence of a new video every two weeks, typically dropping them just before noon on Saturdays. Naturally, life’s unexpected turns may occasionally disrupt this schedule, but I’ll strive to stay consistent.

I will additionally repost the video via a short the following week, this will not be posted to subscribers in an attempt to outreach to new viewers in the audience.

Future Plans

Having finally got a microphone I deem it up to snuff, I want to work on creating videos again. I had started the First Steps in the Bayou series, intended as a review and to chronicle my exploits in Hunt. I plan to start this series back up as well, although no plans on how it will be scheduled.

While I had initially posted the first in the series (Dogs Won’t Hunt) to test the water via a Reddit Post, i didn’t expect it to have such a positive reaction. The first propelled me from 70 to 100 subscribers and reignited my passion for content creation.

Additionally, while no date has been set; I do plan to resume streaming on Twitch again soon.

Got Any Suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for Pro-Tips please leave them in the video comments, or feel free to comment them here. Any form of engagement on the videos, be it comments, likes, or shares, goes a long way in nudging the YouTube metrics in the right direction.

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