Weird Wild West: New Line Of Lovecraftian Western/Horror Art

The Weird Wild West design series merges Lovecraftian horror with cowboys. Inspired by HP Lovecraft, 1895, The King in Yellow, Hunt: Showdown, True Detective

Weird Wild West New Line Of Lovecraftian Western Horror Art

Weird Wild West New Line Of Lovecraftian Western Horror Art

My newest Weird Wild West design series takes heavy inspiration from my latest input of media, namely: HP Lovecraft, The King in Yellow from 1895, Hunt: Showdown, and True Detective.

Weird Wild West Designs

Let’s take a gallery-style look at the various designs.

Where To Purchase

Each design on its page (see list below) will link to all the various sites on which the items can be purchased, as well as some mockups/previews of the products they are available.

Currently, for those interested in shirts primarily, I recommend browsing my following POD sites which contain all of these great designs and more:

Weird Wild West Products

This new series is featured on a huge variety of products across a large amount of POD sites. Ranging from mugs to hats, to shirts as well. The various POD services I use all pay roughly the same. This means that each product no matter where you purchase them supports this site and is about the same.

Regarding which sites have the best quality of every product I cannot say, as I have not ordered proofs of every product from each of the POD suppliers. I do however recommend Redbubble and TeePublic for the quality of their shirts. Spreadshirt also has a solid lineup of products as well, although their Direct to Garment printing on shirts has suffered over the years in my opinion.

Continuation of the Design Series

Currently, there are six entries in this series:

I plan to expand this series and continue working on the designs, drawing inspiration from Western horror films like The Wind, Bone Tomahawk, and The Burrowers. While the work of HP Lovecraft and Robert W Chambers’s The King in Yellow, and other Mythos Adjacent Work gave a great deal of inspiration, I want to draw from other horror literature as well. Mashing up the Weird with the West is the goal here. Much like my current favorite game Hunt: Showdown, the combination is the motif of this design work series. I plan to continue it surely.

Check back here: for more designs as they become available.

The Future of Designs

One thing I want to discuss on the future of is the addition of sales of my designs directly into the shop. I have ordered proofs from several POD services and started to sell via TikTok (unsuccessfully so far). There are a few bells and whistles I want to get locked down before I launch this service, but it is exhilarating for me to say the least. The plans to merge this with the design section of this site is a giant WIP and will take some work, however.

For now, the best place to purchase my items is still via: or via my TeePublic.

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