The Return To Speedrunning With Hunt: Showdown – And More

I have started speedrunning again, here is how you can see my latest runs and keep with my plans to start streaming again.

The Return To Speedrunning With Hunt Showdown And More

The Return To Speedrunning With Hunt Showdown And More

While chasing PBs in speedrunning was once an all-encompassing pass time for me, I have been on a hiatus for some time now. After some family matters and free time due to college ended up ending my ability to stream and speedrun. However, now about 5 years later I have found myself in a state of stability in my life and been unable to fight the itch of speedrunning again.

Hunt: Showdown has been a game I have been playing casually lately and quite enjoying it. I even created a video going over my first steps in its murky waters. It was shortly after posting this, that I decided to look to see if there were speedruns of the game, and happy to discover there were on And with that, I created my first speedruns of the games.

Recent Speedrunning and World Records

Since I had been working relentlessly on killing ole Rotjaw, I decided to first make some attempts in the category of Kill+Banish of that boss. My first few attempts were somewhat lackluster, however, I managed to achieve the kill world record shortly after. This is nothing monumental, as it is a game with a very small amount of runs and a rather niche category. However, after developing some new strategy, I decided to get serious and grind the WR down.

The run below of 1 minute and 34 seconds to kill Rotjaw was a great feeling to get, and it improved the World Record by over 1 and a half minutes.

World Record improvement of Kill Rotjaw Speedrun

While I am likely done grinding the kill WR on this boss/category, I intend to improve on the kill+extract category and claim that World Record as my own as well. I have since come up with an even faster kill strategy and just need to get a good extract with it.

Next for Speedrunning and More

I have also been grinding some other categories in Hunt: Showdown (like the video below). I do not want to limit myself to one game and intend to speedrun more in the future. I had primarily streamed/speedrun retro games in the past, and still have a bone to chew with a few games. Although in the past I did so on a CRT and original hardware, I will likely be moving so to emulators going forward. This decision mainly comes from a lack of space in my family’s current home and is just a reality that needs to be faced.

A Great deal of luck to land a run like this on my second attempt.

Guides and More Bayou Tales

Aside from working on speedrunning videos, I am hoping to begin making more content for Hunt: Showdown in the form of Guides as well as other videos in the Bayou Tales series. I have a lot of clips, it is more about finding the time to edit and record. My microphone is a bit of garbage, so upgrading that is likely the next financial investment I make before recording too much more. However, a guide to killing Rotjaw (for speedrunning or simply to kill him in general) is still in the works and will proceed with or without a fidelity microphone.

Streaming Speedrunning and Beyond

A nice perk of getting myself set up with OBS (which I admit had some terrible audio issues at first) has been the prospect of getting it set up to begin streaming on Twitch again. While I greatly enjoyed speedrunning in the past, the motivation from my audience was a huge driving force for me. Although it has been a struggle dealing with codecs, particularly audio issues, I believe I am getting close to having things look and sound the way that I want. Some basic setting up my account and getting notifications up and running, and I should be ready to begin streaming a few short sessions a week.

Where To Watch?

If you are looking to see my speedruns, I make sure to post them all on my YouTube account:

If you are interested in watching my stream, Twitch is where I intend to do so:

I am currently in the process of adding my new speedruns and old to the video section of this site: as well as a way to sort them all with some meta-data.

I hope to see you in the comments and watching my new streams. As always, thank you for reading.

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