New Valentine’s Day Designs Are Now Available

A whole slew of new Valentine’s Day Designs Are Now Available featuring Cthulhu, Monsters, all with a Lovecraft loveday twist!

New Valentines Day Designs Are Now Available

New Valentines Day Designs Are Now Available

New Valentine’s Day Designs have been added to the site which feature Cthulhu as the incarnate of madness and love. Cthupid is spreading love and cheer for everyone this Valentine’s Day to make a Lovecraftian Loveday. Please take a look at the new designs below, and if you are interested In picking some up, I recommend these two PODs:

I have many other designs you might like, so please check them out, every sale helps support me and this site in keeping it ad/endorsement-free.

Some of the New Valentine’s Day Designs

These are also viewable on the site in the Lovecraftian Loveday design series and are available from a variety of POD sites to suit your needs. You can see the four featured above here:

TikTok Promo

I have also put up a quick promo to help advertise the new designs via my TikTok @wolfmerrik – Check it out and drop a like, that always helps too!

@wolfmerrik new #cthulhu #valentinesday #cupid #designs WolfMerrik.Redbubble.Com #wolfmerrik #heart #love ♬ KARMA IS A BXXCH – gracie

Thanks for checking it out, have an awesome Valentine’s Day (in a month, I realize that it is quite some ways away, that’s how advertising and self-promotion work… please stop judging me)


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