Print On Demand Comparisons, Active Tests, and Much More

A look at how I am changing my Print On Demand networking structure as well as an update regarding upcoming comprehensive reviews on major sites.

Print On Demand Comparisons Active Tests And Much More

Print On Demand Comparisons Active Tests And Much More

Recently I decided to migrate a majority of my designs to incorporate them into my blog in order to start selling them on more Print On Demand channels. In doing so, I have been testing a variety of POD sites for my Designs.

Print On Demand Comparisons Arise

This all began as a means for me to simply reach more channels of sales by being on more sites. I had really only ever used SpreadShirt for the sales outlet of my designs. However, there are a lot more options than that. In adding my designs to new sites, I decided to work on a series of reviews to help others make the choices of POD sites.

Tests Focus On Print On Demand Quality

I wanted the reviews and tests to focus on a wide variety of factors. While sales are important, as is a good customer service network, review catalog, and UI. Additionally, the products themselves need to be of at least a decent quality.

A Large collection of Print On Demand test/proof shirts
A massive batch of shirts to look at

The first batch from a few sites has arrived, so there is much quality to be inspected. On the plus side, I have a lot of my holiday shopping done as a result… to anyone reading this expecting a gift from me, spoiler alert.

Long Story Shirt Short

The reviews will likely take longer than expected, as I am looking to be more thorough and ensure that the sites are reviewed properly. I am still working on a format, but I think the end result will be much better than a single blurb of a post looking at all the sites, but rather a more comprehensive and in-depth look at each of the various printing sites I have looked at.

Until Then

I will likely be focusing on sales for the holiday season, and archiving information on the shirts as they come in for testing. And of course, taking notes from various suppliers on delivery time. I want to ensure that the reviews are as good as I can possibly make them. Because we are near the holiday season and demand for these sites is MUCH higher, I will likely put ordering proofs on the back burner until they start of the new year, and resume my reviews then.

A very cool toddler wearing a WolfMerrik branded Print On Demand T-Shirt
My Little man is definitely looking stylish in his WolfMerrik Tee

Doing this will allow me to focus on my own holiday sales, and set up a shop on this website and other outlets. Until then, check out my TikTok for more weirdness, and a newly set-up shop!

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