Migrating My Portfolio And More

An update as to what is happening with the site migrating, my artwork, and new upcoming videos.

Migrating My Portfolio And More

Migrating My Portfolio And More

Another update, while reworking the site and migrating from the old/lost files; I have decided to create a separate post type for designs. This will allow me to categorize my work better, as well as help make sure everything is organized and easier to find by subject/season/etc. In doing this, I set myself back yet again, but it will be worth it in the long one.

I have also been branching my work off from simply using my spreadshop to include redubble, teemill, TeePublic, teefury, zazzle, threadless, and the list goes on. I have a large back catalog of designs and art, as well as some new ones I am working on (holiday time). Because of this large undertaking. I have taken a bit of a break from finalizing the new site. In doing so, I have been thinking of writing my takes on each platform, as they all have some interesting drawbacks and benefits. So far, in adjusting to new interfaces, TeePublic seems to be in the lead, but that may change.

I will be hoping to automate the process with my new design upload workflow, so adding a bulk amount of designs onto this site should be easier. I also have begun doing this with my archived Videos — with the exception of the speedrun videos which have not been imported yet. This will help trivialize a somewhat tedious process of data entry.

On the subject of videos. I have nearly finalized the first video in my new series, and simply need to re-record some voice lines. I expect this will be done shortly after I am done doing fun things with the kids for Halloween.

TLDR: Progress on the site has slowed as I expand other avenues, but will resume again shortly.

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