Pro-Tips From A Three-Star – Them Dogs Won’t Hunt (New)

In this inaugural episode of Pro Tips from a Three Star, I bring you a tip about avoiding unnecessary noise in the bayous of Hunt: Showdown. It’s best to move silently to avoid attention from other hunters. This clip shows you how. This is separate from the Bayou Adventures series I plan to resume soon, and it is meant as a more short-form humor.

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Protip: Avoiding Unnecessary Noise
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More Hunt: Showdown “Tips” To Come

I had planned this as a way to expel a stupid clip of an error I made so I could finally delete it, as well as get a chance to test my new microphone. But… I was pretty delighted with the opening sequence I made. I also just loved the overall short-form humor nature of the content as is. Because of this, I will indeed be planning more of these in the future.

If you have any suggestions for some of the follies you have made in Hunt, let me know in the video comments either here, or on YT. I always appreciate all the support, and thank you.

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