Well… I Screwed That Up

Want to know why this site is looking scuffed?! Read this to find out how I screwed that up!

Well I Screwed That Up

Well I Screwed That Up

So, in an attempt to migrate my site, and update my theme, I managed to delete (lose more than delete…. yeah, I know) the entirety of the theme files, as well as some other crucial things. So I am using this opportunity to reinvent the site a bit, add custom post types for things like Designs, and Videos, and custom Taxonomy to help keep things sorted.

Regardless of the site’s appearance, lack of information on some pages, and a stock theme with only minor changes. The site is indeed working again, and I hope to be able to start posting again, as well as importing my designs/videos to populate the site.

How It Happened

Long story short, I was unhappy with my host, so I decided to migrate. I copied the files and exported the data for the site. The problem was that the files I copied were of an older version, as well as some garbage I did not need.

The ironic bit is, that after moving. I hated that host even more, and now I am starting anew where I was.

But, since this was utterly pointless, I am using it as an opportunity to start fresh.

A Man punching a computer
SD Prompt: A Man punching a computer

How Long Until the Site Doesn’t Look Like Ass?

In reality well after the holidays are done, I am focusing on getting holiday designs up on my PoD services.

Did This Article Need to be Written?

Nope, its just filler to have an article that isn’t months old and one of the few I could salvage from the old DB. So yeah, sorry for wasting your time. Also wasting time I could have spent working on the layout of the site.

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