New Social Platform with Staking and Collecting is an interesting app that lets you create, collect, trade, and earn digital cards of yourself and others. I take a look at it, and how it works.

Revel Xyz A Social Platform With Staking And Collecting

Revel Xyz A Social Platform With Staking And Collecting is an app that lets you create, collect, trade, and earn digital cards of yourself and others. You can use your photos, videos, or an inbuilt AI generator to make ‘cards’ and sell them for real money. You can also lock sets of others’ cards, and get bonus cards when they create them. is a social collectibles platform that enables you to own a stake in others by creating and collecting what are essentially personalized trading cards.

What is (from here out just Revel, I am sick of adding the xyz) is a social media platform. What sets it apart from the vast majority is its concept of staking/collecting. Instead of liking another user’s posts/images, you can collect and trade for them. In staking the sets you like from the creators you like, you are rewarded with cards from their future sets. The more you collect, the more rarity of cards you acquire as you ‘level up’ your collection. As a note, I had initially typed up a more comprehensive guide as to how to use the app, however, a major update null/voided a majority of it. Please see for a more accurate and up-to-date use of this platform.

Lazily Minted NFTs on Revel

Lazy-minted NFTs are a way of creating non-fungible tokens without paying any upfront fees. They are available off-chain, meaning they are not recorded on the blockchain until someone buys them. The buyer pays the gas fee, which is the cost of minting and transferring the NFT on the blockchain. This makes it easier and cheaper for artists and creators to sell their digital works as NFTs. Some popular platforms that support lazy minting are OpenSea, Rarible, and Solana.

Presently, to the best of my understanding, Revel uses lazy minting, although they state they are working on them existing via Polygon on the Ethereum blockchain, which will lead to plans to withdraw the cards to an NFT/crypto wallet.


Revel Xyz Set Completion Window

Essentially you want to collect cards to make sets. Each set now gives you a chance to get a card of higher rarity from the user each time they mint cards. As you collect more and more sets, the higher the likelihood of you getting a more rare card is. Rinse and repeat and collect more and more valuable cards from those you follow.

Generating Images with AI

The real reason I was drawn to check out this app in the first place is that it also contains a built-in AI image generator. You can use this to create your NFT cards and make sets with them. This allows me to test out creative ideas and then instantly share them. I do like the instant gratification of taking an idea to life with the AI generator and then simply minting it out for others to share and collect.

Cashing Out

Revel Xyz A Social Platform With Staking And Collecting
Revel allows you to cash out when reaching 3000 revs.

So, the interesting thing about Revel is that each card has an inherent Rev value. This also means that the value of the cards holds a real-world cash value. As well as a way to holster your NFT cards, Revel also allows you to hold and bank Revs.

The notification from PayPal that my Revelxyz Cashout had come through.
I am not going to lie, I was slightly surprised to see that the money had been cashed out.

When you reach the threshold, you can go to their website and simply request a cashout. It took about a week, and I was required to verify for tax purposes. I was skeptical at first about giving them any financial information, but I had assumed that PayPal would be a safe option.

Revel Xyz A Social Platform With Staking And Collecting
While writing this article, I got an even higher second cashout.

As it turned out, I was very happy I did trust in this app, as so far over the past two months of using it I have netted a nice bit of pocket money. It is not a substantial sum of cash, but it’s enough to cover a few games on Steam, which is all I was expecting for dicking around on a social media app for a few hours every couple of days.

All in all, I have found it relatively safe to cash out every bit you have when you reach the threshold. I have not required any Revs for trades and found simply trading for cards, and then selling those to others for cash to be the best way to earn.

How To Get Started

Well, the app can be downloaded from nearly any proprietary app store. You can also check out which is their official page. You should also enter Wolf when asked who referred you. It gives us both some Revs to get started, which is nice.

Revel Xyz A Social Platform With Staking And Collecting
Enter Wolf when registering on

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