Hunt: Showdown – Two New Rotjaw World Record Speedruns

Hunt: Showdown (Boss+Extract - Rotjaw Solo)

Done in 04 minutes 24 seconds - View Run on

The video of this run sets a new world record for both:

Hunt: Showdown – Boss Killed – Rotjaw Solo – 1 minute and 17 seconds
Hunt: Showdown – Boss+Extract – Rotjaw Solo – 4 minutes and 24 seconds

Retimed the Boss+Extract to 4m24s, despite the timer saying 4m25s

I both hate and love this run. I screwed the pooch on the timing with my shots, and it ended up costing me I would guess about ten seconds to the overall times on each category. I would like to push this to sub 1m on the kill and a sub 4m on the total, but we will see how much more I am willing to grind it. This is especially true with the Demented pack’s Berserk trait soon disappearing, which allows the fast 2 cycle-kill.

Run/Match info can also be viewed on here:

Played on PC, recorded with OBS.

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