Speedrun of Hunt: Showdown (Boss+Extract Rotjaw) in 6m28s WR

Hunt: Showdown (Boss+Extract - Rotjaw Solo)

Done in 06 minutes 28 seconds - View Run on speedrun.com

Hunt: Showdown – Boss+Extract Rotjaw Solo – 6 minutes and 28 seconds

I was planning for this to be the last run of the night anyway, and honestly, I thought it was a dud. Got a decent 3min rotjaw kill, and then escaped quickly. I was pretty surprised to see that only myself and ONE other player were in the game. A nice perk of playing late on my TZ server I suppose. Probably going to grind another minute off this and then move on to other bosses/cats.

Played on PC, recorded with OBS.

I thought I had fixed the audio issues, however, they are back. This seems to be an issue ONLY with capturing audio from Hunt and not via any other game.

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