Speedrun of Hunt: Showdown (Wellspring Any%) in 2m43s

Hunt: Showdown (Wellspring Any%)

Done in 02 minutes 43 seconds - View Run on speedrun.com

Hunt: Showdown – Wellspring Any% – 2 minute and 43 seconds

I kinda don’t believe the luck I had when I started this. I would say before speedrunning this category, I was getting to the wellspring stage of quickplay every 1/10 times — yet — the first attempt was a 5-minute something, and the second attempt was this sub-3-minute run. But yeah, the attempt counter is not wrong, that was my second attempt at running this cat.

I have been playing quickplay wrong the whole time. lol

Sidenote though, my next 10-15 runs were all failures. Run timing started a little late, but I also split late. Counting frames it is still a low 2m43s.

Played on PC, recorded with OBS.

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