Some Amazing Resources I Have Discovered For Hunt: Showdown

Let’s take a look at some of the resources I have recently discovered for Hunt: Showdown that help improve your game and broaden your expedrience.

Some Amazing Resources I Have Discovered For Hunt Showdown

Some Amazing Resources I Have Discovered For Hunt Showdown

Since starting Hunt: Showdown I have been actively trying to learn all I can about it. Improving in a game doesn’t just come with getting better at clicking heads. I also feel understanding the metagame and the game’s inner workings helps a great deal. So, I decided to compile some of the recent guides I have been utilizing and put them here so other new Hunters might benefit from them.

Maps to Hunt: Showdown

Map awareness is key to any game, so my top priority was learning the (currently) three maps in Hunt. I found some excellent resources on Reddit and then stumbled upon one of the better interactive maps I have seen for any game.

Maps for Hunt: Showdown with loads of extras from

The Hunt Map: provides an awesome set of resources for Hunt, going far beyond a standard map. While it contains basics like spawn points, a grid, and location boundaries, it ALSO contains some great details. There are markers you can place to determine serpent radius, dark sight width, Red Glow on bosses, and much more. This is an excellent resource to familiarize yourself with the range of many of Hunt’s in-game mechanics and learn the map at the same time.

Some Additional Maps

I did find the above interactive map to be fantastic, but I did find that there were certain locations it did not contain. I found a guide on Steam containing Workbench Locations and a map on Kamille’s site containing Cash Register Spawns.

Sound Identification

Hunt: Showdown Audio quiz to test your knowledge of gunnies
Kamille’s website provides a quiz to identify specific guns in Hunt from ranges.

The sound engine of Hunt is absolutely amazing, and learning to identify the various sounds of Hunt is crucial. Knowing the various ambient sounds, and NPC triggers, as well as being able to identify weapons, their vector, and their range. There are some excellent resources for helping to identify sounds in Hunt and one of the best I have found comes from here:

This site allows you to play a variety of weapon’s “shot sounds” from various ranges to familiarize yourself with them. You can even quiz yourself (which I did terribly) to further hone your skills of being able to identify targets’ weaponry from range.

You can take this knowledge a step further with this great guide that points out that not only listening for birds but also looking for a lack of birds is beneficial as well. There are a lot of signs to help you track down the other hunters as well as the Targets in Hunt. Being watchful for event landmarks, clues that have been already checked, or ammo boxes/etc that have been left ajar. Using your knowledge of sounds,

Hunt: Showdown Wiki

Hunt: Showdown wiki powered by Fandom home page
The Hunt: Showdown Wiki is a wealth of knowledge for a new player.

No resource list would be complete without the game’s wiki. This is a resource I frequently check when I need some quick knowledge on a trait or boss, or just want to have some light reading to gain more insight on a specific game mechanic or item. The wiki to this site seems to be mostly up-to-date with just a few articles I found with info from a patch or so back. The wiki is a fantastic source for all information regarding Hunt.

Additionally, there is a fantastic user guide on picking traits and their value taken from Steam which pairs nicely with the wiki for a cross-reference.

Hunts: Showdown’s In-Game Knowledge Base

Hunts in game knowledge base and lore
Hunt’s In-game lore and knowledge base

The lore of Hunt is massive and fantastic, and they have done a great job of keeping it all available in-game. The Book of Monsters and the Book of Weapons provide excellent insight into the beasts and arsenal respectively. They are also beautifully designed to feel as though you are reading an old tome and unlock more and more as you get deeper into the game.

There is also a great deal of event-based lore that frequently comes out as the events progress. The creators of Hunt do a fantastic job of keeping you immersed in its wonderfully dark realm.

And More

There are many many more resources available for Hunt, this list is just a short selection of the resources I have found the most helpful. Some other excellent sources Include:

You can also keep checking back here, and please drop by for more videos to come on Hunt: Showdown.

And if you have any great resources you think others should check out, please leave a comment to them here, I would love to see them!

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