Hunt: Showdown – New Twitch Drops Are Slated To Return Soon

New upcoming twitch drops for Hunt: Showdown have been announced, lets look at what we know so far and how to claim them.

Hunt Showdown New Twitch Drops Are Slated To Return Soon

Hunt Showdown New Twitch Drops Are Slated To Return Soon

According to a recent tweet: a new round of Twitch drops is on the way for Hunt: Showdown and details at the moment are sparse.

What We Know

Currently, we know the drop event celebrates Hunt’s 6th anniversary, and the drops will last from Feb 23rd to Mar 1st. Other details should follow within the next few weeks, and when they do, I will include that information here.

Let’s look at the official tweet and see that it reveals little more than the dates the drops run from:

How To Get Hunt: Showdown Drops

Getting the drops on Twitch involves simply linking your account here:, logging on to Twitch, and watching any Hunt: Showdown Streamer. However, certain rewards may require you to watch a “Hunter Partner“. So to receive the full list, you may need to keep note of who you are watching.

What to Expect

The drops should be acquired roughly the same as last time, and linking your account will be the same process. Check out THIS ARTICLE for more information on the Halloween Twitch drop event and how to link your account. You can also get an idea, if you have never received drops in Hunt as to what you might be expecting.

Because this is an anniversary drop, likely something limited will come of it, however, no details are known yet for sure. Speculation as to what the drops might include, charms, guns, some previous twitch drop skins, temporary skin uses, and much more. There is a discussion on the Hunt Reddit:

Twitch Drops Starting February 23rd and ends March 1st. More Details coming soon.
byu/TheGentlemanGamerEC inHuntShowdown

When more information about the Twitch drops becomes available I will do my best to post it ASAP. Likely the week prior as this has seemed to be the MO for Crytek when releasing this type of information.

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