Garnished With An Apology On ‘The Day Before’ Release

The Day Before has had an absolute trainwreck of a development and marketing campaign, and this cheers from FNTASTIC absolutely garnishes it perfectly.

Garnished With An Apology On The Day Before Release

Garnished With An Apology On The Day Before Release

The allegedly amazing-looking game “The Day Before” by Grammarly and other spellchecker’s most hated developer, Fntastic is set to release tomorrow. At the time of writing, that is still the date they have stated and slated for release. And to celebrate the mired road of development, they have done what every good marketing campaign should do, give a “to those that like us, and fuck those that ain’t” style cheers. To show the passion in their words, they even chose not to bother checking that the wording was properly translated, or that it structurally made sense.

The developers did show gratitude for the support of their fans and the positive feedback they received for their game trailer. They also indicate they are working hard to make the game a success and to deliver an immersive and realistic experience of a post-apocalyptic world… and they continued to spell their name FNTASTIC, spitting in the face of spelling checkers, and vowel enthusiasts.

The Day Before has had a ridiculous amount of controversy surrounding it. It has become a bit of an “I’ll believe that when I see it” type of affair. I think it looked amazing and fun from what I saw, but it is impossible to not admire the trainwreck of the development and marketing cycle.

The Day Before’s Campaign of Madness

The game has been delayed multiple times, from its originally quoted release window in 2021 to its latest release date of November 10, 2023… I mean December 7th, 2024… erm, 2023. Let’s just say it is presently set for Mega November 38th, 2023.

The game has faced a trademark dispute over its name, which (is one of the reasons) it was forced off of Steam and postponed its launch. The Day Before has been accused of being a flat-out scam, due to the lack of gameplay footage and the questionable quality of the trailers. The game has been criticized for using “unpaid volunteers” (which had a different name once upon a time) to help with its development. The game has even been criticized for plagiarizing elements from other games, such as The Division, The Last of Us, Dying Light, Days Gone, COD, and Probably more.

All-in-all, it’s been a hell of a journey for this game, and I am excited to see when the next release date will be announced. Spoiler Alert: It Didn’t go very well.

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