CCP’s New Project Awakening Beta Begins Soon

Project Awakening is a new AAA title from CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online. It is a blockchain game that will use ‘smart’ contract technology.

Ccps New Project Awakening Beta Begins Soon

Ccps New Project Awakening Beta Begins Soon

Project Awakening is a new AAA title from CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online. It is a blockchain game that will use ‘smart’ contract technology to create a new relationship between virtual worlds and players. The game will be set in the same universe as EVE Online. CCP Games has raised $40 million in funding for the development of Project Awakening, led by Andreessen Horowitz and other investors. The game will also leverage open third-party development to allow players to engage in new ways. CCP has not revealed many details about the gameplay or the release date of Project Awakening, but they will share updates as the project progresses.

The Beta & Updates to Come

While I really could not find much on this upcoming title aside from it being ‘blockchain’ based, I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Beta. I have seen the NDA, and will (allegedly) have access on the 6th of December. Due to the fact I (will) have signed an NDA, there is not likely a lot I will be able to update until after the beta has closed, however, I will still share my thoughts where I am allowed to within the confines of the document I have signed.

What Does Blockchain Mean for Project Awakening?

A blockchain game utilizes blockchain technology for creating, storing, and trading in-game digital assets or currencies without a central authority. Examples include CryptoKitties, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity, often involving NFTs or crypto. Players connect with crypto wallets to manage transactions. Blockchain games differ from traditional ones in ownership, monetization, and security. In blockchain games, players fully own and control digital assets, can monetize gameplay through crypto or NFTs, and benefit from blockchain’s security features, reducing risks of fraud or loss compared to traditional games.

Awakening Complications

The first thing I thought about when discovering this game would use blockchain was the nature of scamming. EVE Online is known for massive heists, scamming, piracy, and just downright theft. Will players need to be careful of how they play these scams or conning acts? Will we see Jita scams coming to courtrooms in the near future?

While the assets of the game are still of the game, they will have a real-world value due to their nature as being a minted NFT/crypto. If someone were to scam someone only using in-game mechanics, it could be argued that is just playing the game, however, if someone were to scam another player/alliance with espionage, this could fall under legal cases of fraud and deception.

That being said, I am not (as far as I know) a lawyer, legalman, or lawster. I am truly not sure how real-world law can or will apply to this type of situation. It is still something to consider though.

From The Mouth of Investors

Now, take the following with a grain of salt, as it does come from the investor Andreessen Horowitz’s website:

We believe the next generation of web3 games will share these same principles: built from the ground up to merge proven gameplay with open economies, player-driven social systems, and composability. CCP has long led the way, and that’s why we’re excited to announce that a16z is leading the seed round in CCP’s new game. This new AAA title will combine CCP’s 25 years of game design experience with the latest in blockchain technology to enable a new frontier in player agency and autonomy, and will also be set within the EVE Universe.


Hilmur’s Thoughts

A substantial interview with Hilmar Pétursson is available to watch on YouTube (on the A16Z GAMES channel mind you). Hilmur discusses EVE online, the future he believes can come from Blockchain technology in gaming, and more.

While he does make a few great points, it is important to keep in mind that this comes from the channel of a key investor and is spoken from the mouth of a project leader. However, in thinking of the blockchain as being a literal tether to the assets of the game and being a true investment (in a manner) into the game itself and the company, that does all track.

Project Awakening Takeaway’s

Most of the information available on Project Awakening is either from the developers or the investors, so there is a degree of Bias here. The fact that SOOOOO much of this game is under wraps is interesting. They have not tried to glitz people with really anything other than its concept; a concept many people are outspokenly against at that. So I have to give them respect for such a bold move of sticking to a conviction on blockchain. Because of this, I honestly believe that CCP, its investors, et al; believe that this is the future of their enterprise.

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