EVE Online: How to Get the Twitch Drops Starting Now!

Eve Online Twitch drops have begun for the alliance tournament. Find out how to ear them here!

Eve Online Twitch Drops

Eve Online Twitch Drops

Want to get free items for EVE Online just for watching Twitch?

EVE Online Twitch Drops

How to Earn the Drop

  • Go to a participating live channel, including CCP
  • Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward M & F Jackets Reward
  • Watch for an additional 3 hours and claim the reward Gnosis SKIN Reward

You will need to connect your Twitch at EVE Online’s Website: HERE

What Can I get?

M & F Jackets Reward for EVE Online

M & F Jackets Reward

Gnosis SKIN Reward for EVE Online

Gnosis SKIN Reward

Twitch Drops are Landing in EVE Online

According to the article from EVE’s official page:

The first round of Twitch Drops rewards offer Capsuleers the stunning Sunesis Violet Vellication SKIN, the head turning Gnosis Galnet StreamCast Unit SKIN, and enviably stylish male and female Semiotique Superlumina jackets. And each of them can be yours for free, just for catching up on the best streamed EVE content there is. Across Twitch you’ll find dramatic New Eden battles, fascinating developer sessions, update deep dives, insights into EVE’s forever, amazing fan content, and more.

When is This Active?

Sat, Aug 19, 8:00 AM – Sun, Aug 20, 8:00 PM EDT
Sun, Aug 20, 00:00 – Mon, Aug 21, 00:00 UTC

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