Hunt: Showdown – Tales from the Bayou 2

This series is meant as a continuation of my initial review of Hunt: Showdown and my opinions as my experience continues. While comedic tones still exist, it is meant to act more as a long-form editorial, and expositional piece. I have progressed (in-game, not skill) a lot since the clips in this video were shot/clipped and I wanted to get this out there so I can continue on in the series.

I hope you enjoy it, and welcome any feedback in the comments. In this second episode in the Tales From the Bayou series, I explore the following:

Intro/Montage, Overview, Immolators & Chokes, Traits, Serpent, Necromancer, Flash Bangs, Dark Sight, Tracking Hunters, Trades, MMR & 3 Star Pride.


Please note, that this was written and clipped during my experience at its current point of my play. I have played much since then, however, now that I can finally finish it, I decided to keep the script for authenticity. This series will chronicle my experiences in Hunt: Showdown and will be released when I can compile/edit it. I do hope you enjoy it.

Video Series: Bayou Adventures
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