Turbo Overkill, the Ultimate Boomer Shooter Experience!

Turbo Overkill is a new ‘boomer shooter’ that is absolutely amazing looking. The demo is free, so you need to check this out!

Unveiling Turbo Overkill

Unveiling Turbo Overkill

There is a FREE demo to check out to see if Turbo Overkill gets your blood pumping. This is a single-player boomer shooter that harkens back to the era of pretending to give a fuck about the rainforest to bang vegan chicks. This game delivers bright neon visuals that make Cyberpunk like its color depth was set to 0.

Here is the description of the game on Steam:

“Turbo Overkill 1.0 is finally here! Chainsaw legs, arms, bikes–chainsaws everywhere! You’ll need them to clean up Paradise, run by Syn (a super AI), a trio of bounty hunters (Maw, Ripper & Jazz), and about 150,000 augmented cyberpunks. Apogee’s best FPS since Duke Nukem 3D. Good hunting, Sir!”

Currently, the game is 15% off on Steam, and the offer ends August 18, check it out on The Steam Page now!

Just take a look at this official trailer. If you don’t get Duke Nukem meets Shadowrun meets Borderlands thrown into a blender and dripping neon blood; you clicked the wrong link. In which case, I am sorry, the link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK5ICK8r0hk

At the time of writing this Turbo Overkill is available now for PC, for more updates follow the game on Twitter (or fucking X or whatever it is now) @turbo_overkill

Happy killing!

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