The Day Before Dumpster Fire: Burning Bright, I Love It

The story of The Day Before is just honestly too much to not laugh at. Let’s look at a few new developments and some FANTASTIC disses

The Day Before Dumpster Fire Burning Bright I Love It

The Day Before Dumpster Fire Burning Bright I Love It

Some small updates regarding the ongoing insanity of the release of The Day Before.

@FNTASTICHQ gave this truly defeatist tweet out on December 11th. They have admitted things were truly over, and that they tried their best. They have expressed their gratitude to their fans and supporters and with a heartfelt tone of sadness, stated that their work was done. Essentially, a large wall of bullshit text.

While they claim to still have made no money, to be going bankrupt, and that they are refunding all who wish – It Still is impossible to not feel that this entire situation was a giant scam and a successful one at that. Other games have certainly been scams, but I commend them for at least delivering a product, albeit a subpar one.

Some Wonderful Disses

Just like 99.9% of all that read that tweet and took it as bullshit. DayZ took this as an amazing opportunity to rip on it. This parody of a tweet sums up the work of a great company still working on a great product:

DayZ, was not the only one to hop on board, however. Rust then followed that up with what I believe is the finest mock tweet of all time, genuinely stepping up on the DayZ tweet with a fantastic FANTASTIC double mockery. This absolutely made my day:

The Day Before, The Company After

In an article from Insider Gaming, the company behind The Day Before seems to have changed its name to Eight Points. This was allegedly discovered via scraping data from SteamDB. Furthermore, this information also alleged that this was the name of “FNTASTIC” before its development on The Day Before.

It seems like a great way to set up their next scam, and I am excited to see where that goes.

In Other Sources


LtBuzzLitebeer has a great video going over some of the moments in this amazingly odd story.

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