Lovely, Dark, And Deep Impressions Of The New Trailer (2024)

The new trailer for the upcoming horror film Lovely, Dark, and Deep is out! Written and directed by Teresa Sutherland (The Wind) in her feature-length debut.

Well to start, to call Lovely, Dark, And Deep a 2024 film is a lie (and clickbait!) as this film was technically released theatrically in 2023. However, later this month it will have its release on streaming and VOD services. According to the film’s Wikipedia entry, the release date for VOD is February 22, 2024.

The New Trailer of Lovely, Dark, And Deep

The trailer (shown on the RapidTrailer channel) gives us glimpses of the vastness and liminal space of the northern wilderness. This setting, coupled with isolation, a setup to a plot of missing children, and an overwhelming ominous presence. In the trailer, the lead actress Georgina Campbell gives us what looks to be a powerful performance with foreshadowing of a dark past or trauma that will likely arise as the film goes on. The set designs focus on simplicity and use the natural fear of the unknown that exists in every forest.

Still from the trailer to Lovely Dark And Deep - text on a sign reading "I OWE THIS LAND A BODY"
Still frame of a rather ominous scene from the Lovely Dark And Deep trailer

Lennon (played by Georgina Campbell) is a new back-country ranger. Her time is spent alone in the woods and left to deal with its dangers. In doing so, she is hoping to unearth and gain an understanding of her own childhood tragedy. While doing so, she becomes increasingly aware of a darkness that exists both in her and in the wilderness with her.

Still from trailer of Lovely, Dark, And Deep - the park rangers face appears mangled
Still frame of a rather terrifying scene from the Lovely Dark And Deep trailer

The effects look simple and mostly practical, with a focus on the implicate rather than a direct shock. This type of brooding horror tends to deliver scares quite well, being how it affects you psychologically. The other side of the coin relies on quick startles (which I am sure this film contains as well) but I do love how even the trailer of this film focuses on a slow building atmosphere.

Initial Reception of Lovely, Dark, And Deep

Lovely, Dark, and Deep premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal in July of 2023. Currently, the film sits at an 84% Rotten Tomato Score. A majority of the reviews (which appear to come from showings of this period) seem overwhelmingly positive.

The anticipation of this film releasing on VOD has been high for me, so seeing a trailer and knowing that day will soon come is exciting. Although not all reviews have been positive, the overall critical response has seemed positive.

The Wind

Teresa Sutherland, the writer/director of Lovely, Dark, and Deep was the writer for the masterpiece of 2018 The Wind. The Wind delivers experiences of a slow-burning isolation horror that touches the same vein as the 1979 Alien film, The Thing, or other greats in that genre. This Western Horror setting takes the supernatural and uncertainty to unparalleled levels. The writing, directing, and excellent cast make this film one of the best in the genre (both Western Horror and Isolation Horror, IMO).

Still from movie The Wind, Photo taken from IFC Midnight
From The Wind, Photo taken from IFC Midnight

Teresa Sutherland’s work on writing The Wind, and now the upcoming Lovely, Dark, and Deep (along with also being her directorial debut) make for an exciting prospect. While this film takes a different setting, from what we can see in the trailer, it has similar elements of isolation and supernatural horror. I am certain that her experience in The Wind will help make this film a shining star in the genre.

More Info

While I cannot say which streaming services will be picking this up, or what it will cost to rent/purchase, I will update this information on where to watch the film as it becomes available. For more information; IMDB and the official wiki listed above are always great resources.

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