Pro Tips From A Three Star – Dispatching Enemies Quickly

Episode 05 in the Pro Tips From a 3-Star Series.

Dispatching enemies quickly in Hunt: Showdown is imperative. Not only does a single headshot take them out quickly, but it also makes less noise. In this episode, we explore the importance of headshots shown visually via a simulation similar to VATS from the Fallout series (since that is all most nerds seem to be talking about at the watering holes)

If you have any suggestions or want to tell a story of YOUR favorite three-star moment, I would love to hear it. Let me know in the comments.

Additionally, if you have any questions (humorous work too) that could be added to a future ‘Hunt: Showdown FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions), I would appreciate reading them.

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Video Series: Pro-Tips From a Three Star
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