GPT-4: No Longer Living in the Past, and Free

OpenAI has recently announced a few upcoming improvements to its latest modal. The GPT-4 Turbo modal will have information up until April of 2023

Gpt 4 No Longer Living In The Past And Free

Gpt 4 No Longer Living In The Past And Free

OpenAI has recently announced a few upcoming improvements to its latest modal. The GPT-4 Turbo modal will have information up until April of 2023, as opposed to January 2022 (which 3.5 can currently access). Additionally, with internet access, search options, and the ability to parse 4,096 tokens (double 3.5) in a single prompt; it is now much more capable of staying current.

But I Don’t Like To Pay For Things

Me either. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to utilize GPT-4. Unfortunately, I can’t ask GPT 3.5 how to use GPT-4 for free, I had to use a Google search (because that’s how information is discovered)… This led me somewhere I never expected to ever end up.

GPT-4 Access Is On Bing

First off, what in the actual hell is Bing? After performing a quick Google Search (because it is the only way to find information) indicates that: ‘Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.’. This all sounds promising, but shockingly it didn’t mention anything about archiving my personal information, so I assume it is very different than Google. Bing is likely a fringe search tool like AskJeeves or DogPile. However, it is from the people that allow my son (and me…) to play Minecraft, so they seem trustworthy enough.

Long and short is that Bing is Microsoft’s search tool. This tool now runs on GPT-4 and (I cannot believe I am saying this) is pretty damn incredible. The image below links to the Play Store of Bing, and is not sponsored or anything like that, I am just linking to Bing.

Gpt-4 now on Bing
Nope, this isn’t an ad, not sponsored content, I am simply giving my endorsement to Bing.

GPT-4 vs GPT-3.5

Let’s look at what makes it worth using OpenAI’s GPT-4 vs its precursor, GPT-3.5.

One of the major improvements GPT-4 exhibits is its heightened creativity. It is capable of producing much more diverse content like poems, stories, (better) code, and apparently even songs. It is also more capable of mimicking different writing styles more adeptly than GPT-3.5. GPT-4 is a multimodal iteration, which means it can take and parse both text and image inputs. The model also boasts an expanded contextual grasp and can process up to 4,096 tokens, double the capacity of GPT-3.5.

With superior reasoning, GPT-4 excels in tasks requiring logic and can handle more specific instructions. This includes sarcasm and humor. Having been trained on a more extensive and diverse dataset, it can incorporate mechanisms to filter out harmful or biased content. This is all a leap beyond GPT-3.5’s limitations in content generation.

Whilst I did not take advantage of trying out the multi-modal system (using images in prompts) I am excited to see this as an option for a FREE app And plan to explore it soon. Additionally, Dalle-3 is built in with the app and utilizes the LLM as well for its prompts. Do expect that I will screw around with that in the future.

Other Ways to Use GPT-4 Freely

Well, to wrap this up, I decided to ask GPT-4 (via Bing) if there were any other ways to utilize it for free. And I was pleasantly delighted with its response:


Well, there you have it, GPT-4 Capabilities for free, and in a mobile app. The Bing mobile app (I truly can’t believe I am endorsing Bing) is likely to become my go-to GPT-on-the-run version. I prefer the interface for quick and simple queries, as I tend to in my GPT account with openAI leaving WAY too many conversations going.

Additionally, Bing seems to have access to Image generation as well as the ability to receive images in the prompts, and a lot more, so I will have to explore those facets shortly. Until then, if you are looking for a way to utilize the most up-to-date version of GPT, this may be your solution.

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